Real Estate Company was established in 2008. it is considered one of the newly introduced Companies in Kuwait working steadily to achieve its objects despite the current conditions which have impact on the Real Estate Companies in Kuwait, in fact Real Estate Company was able, considering the said circumstances to achieve a distinguished rank in the field of Deals and the creation of Real Estate Portfolios.

The Company employed a qualified team who has adequate experience for more than 10 years in the Real Estate Field. the mission of the said team is not limited only to the selling, buying and leasing, but it exceeds such limit to the evaluation and development of the Real Estates, managing of third party properties, perform studies and statistics in order to be included in Reports and real Estate Consultations in and out of Kuwait.

One of the main achievements of Real Estate Company is the creation of “Hajer Fund for Real Estate” working in the Saudi Market and achived good revenues and profits. In addition to establishing real estate web site of a special design and development to provide full real estate services at the local and International levels which provides the Browsers with all news , deals and contrcats concluded in and out of Kuwait, and easy access to the Conditions and Real Estate laws applicable in and out of Kuwait.

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Real Establishment Company for General Contracting of Buildings is one of Real Group Projects Management Companies working in the field of Contracting and Buildings, established in 2007.

The Company has specialized engineers and Projects Managers who has long experience in this Field.

The General Contracting and Buildings sector is currently one of the main works within the range of the development plan and refreshing aspect in Kuwait. It is expected that the Company shall have a crucial role in the works related to this plan and other Contracting works in Kuwait.

Real Establishment Company created a Portfolio for heavy equipment “ Quarter Portfolio” in 2011 which is expected to yield good profits during the coming periods.

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Real Technology Company is an affiliated company of Real Group Projects Management established in 2011 to work in the field of technology and all related works.

‘Within the scope of the Company’s activity is to take part in tenders for the completion of smart buildings and complexes, whether large or small projects, in addition, the company employs smart solutions which are among the best in the Technology and Real Estate Industry. Currently, the Company is working in the web sites Design and IT management.

Through such developed Technological projects, whether of small or large, we seek to advise the owners of Companies and the citizens in general that despite some negative aspects of the technology development we have positive ideas and projects which may be implemented and be of good benefit in the Environment protection and economy in energy and water, and also time element which all shall have practical, scientific, technological and health benefits for all.

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Real Trading Import & Export Company, an affiliated company of Real Group Projects Management was established in 2006 and working in the field of Import, Export and Commission agent.

Real Trading is mainly involved in the export and Import of all products. The Company also seeks to have International agencies in and out of Kuwait and to create specific trading marks for the Company.

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Real Fairs Company for organizing Fairs and Conferences was established in 2009. It is mainly focusing on the organization of all types of Fairs inside Kuwait, for which it employs a dedicated team for organize the best fairs, arrange for Conferences, camps and Public Auctions.

The establishing of the Company emanated from the concept of the importance of organizing fairs in Kuwait to respond to the needs of Investors and provide for the availability of goods and commodities under one site , based on the best solutions for organizing Fairs and launch the adequate advertisement to contribute to the success of the said Fairs.

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Real Food Company for Restaurants and cafes is one of the six Companies owned by Real Group Projects Management. this Company is venturing steadily in the field of restaurants and Cafes inside Kuwait which requires the Company Management to seek agencies, or provide new ideas for application inside Kuwait.

Real Food Company for Restaurants was established in 2011. The Board of Directors is working diligently to bring the Company to a prestigious rank in the Kuwaiti Market and to satisfy the needs of the Customers of restaurants and cafes in Kuwait, in addition to providing the best services whether through the agencies or the International branches in Kuwait.